Best Exercises For Golfers

Best Exercises For Golfers You Can Do From Home

There are a lot of games available in the whole world. Golf is one of them. It is one of the most played and popular games in the world. Some countries organize the international golf tournament and it has very demand. The golf game is played in an area or a field. Where the player has to hit the golf ball with the club. The clubs are made of steel or metal. 

It has a round and wide part at the lower side of it which helps to hit the ball with great momentum. There is also a handle made of leather or rubber in the top of the club which gives the player a perfect and better grip. The player has to put the ball into those holes to earn points. Those who will achieve the highest points is the winner. There is a total of 18 holes for the golf game. Each of the holes is at a proper distance than the other. Each of the holes is started from a teeing area.

It is a game of total strength, stamina, and patience. The game is perfect to play whenever the player has the proper energy or proper stamina to hit the ball and put it to the hole. There are some of the exercises that can be done to improve the playing performance of a golfer. These exercises are perfect for those too, who are new to the game. So now let's check out some of the exercises which are essential for a golfer.

Best Exercises For Golfers

1.Seating Rotation

As the golfers have to move or rotate the body a lot, this exercise is very much important for them. It is the best exercise to increase their rotational mobility. In a simple match, a golfer has to move or rotate his/her body almost 70-100 times. So this exercise is perfect for them.

The process: First you will have to sit on a bench. You also can do this exercise while standing. If you are doing it while standing, make sure that the position of your legs is in the same direction. In the case of the bench, sit properly and keep your backbone in perfect balance. Take a club or a metal bar on your shoulder and put both of your hands in the bar or club. 

Then rotate your body from the upper side without moving the legs. As much as you can push. If you are doing the exercise by sitting on the bench, don't move your upper body from the stomach to the head. Just move your legs to the left for 10 seconds. Do the same thing to your right side too. Make 10 rounds On each side properly. Doing this exercise will improve your flexibility so that you can hit the ball with your perfect hit and angle

2.Hand Walks

It is an exercise that is helpful to keep the shoulders of a golfer risk and injury-free. This exercise is very good for the golfers too. Because it increases the energy of the shoulders and the hands

Process: stand up in a normal position. Then keep your hands in the ground keeping the waist balanced and straight. When you are in both two hands and legs, try to walk on your hands as the position. At the same time, use or toes too to walk according to the hands. Make sure that your knees are in a straight position. 

You have to do the same thing until you get your hands and legs in a perfect stretchy position. Whenever you get it, do the same thing for 10 rounds a day. It will help your hands and shoulder to become stronger. So whenever you will hit a long shot, they will not give any injuries to hands and shoulder

3.Lateral Pillar Bridge

This exercise helps the player to open up their hips. It also removes their back pains. There are some chances of having back pains, whenever a player stays in the ground for a long time. So this exercise is perfect for them

Process: First, the player has to lie down on the ground on one side. Make sure that your arms body is perfectly balanced for the single side only. Keep the elbow below the armpit. Put the elbow on the ground and make pressure on it. Now, pull up your body balancing on the toe and the elbow. Keep your other hand straight enough to the upper direction to have the perfect momentum of the exercise. Keep in the same position for 5 to 10 minutes. Now do the same thing for the other part of the body too. Doing this exercise for 5 to minutes daily will help the golfer to open up the hip and reduce the back pain


It is a great exercise to increase the flexibility and stamina of your muscles and the body. This simple and easy exercise can be your great advantage while you play golf. It is called the best core exercise

Process: It is a very easy exercise to do. First of all, lie down perfectly on the ground. Then pull up both of your legs tell your waist. Keep your both hands in the same position too. keep them at the same angle until you feel the gravity pressure. Whenever you feel the pressure, start to move the hands and legs slowly in the air. 

Keep the left leg down but don't touch the ground. Stretch up your right hand as much as you can at the same time. In this way, do the same thing with the other hand and leg. Make sure to keep your both hands and legs upper from the ground. Do the exercise in the same method for 10 minutes a day. It will help to improve your cores and your performance

5.Split Squat

It is a very important and effective exercise for golfers. This exercise will help the golfer increase his/her stability, strength, and mobility. It is also a very easy exercise to do

Process: Stand perfectly on the ground. Then stretch your right leg as much as you can to forward. Bent down your left leg in half so that the knee can divide the leg. Now try to take the body low as much as possible. Without touching the ground by your knee. You will feel pressure on your both legs and waist. Keep doing the same thing for both legs. 10 rounds for daily exercise is perfect to get stability, mobility, and good performance.


Push-up is a very common and helpful exercise for all kinds of sports and activities. Push up can help to improve the muscles and make them more powerful. It also keeps the proper balance of the waist and legs.

Process: To start doing push-ups, lie down on the ground on your belly. Now use both of your hands to create pressure among the ground to pull up your body. Use both of your toes too, to create pressure in the ground. Whenever the body is pulled up perfectly by the hands and the toes, keep the balance and put down and pull up your body slowly and perfectly. It will create good pressure on your muscles and the lower belly. Make sure that your waist and the shoulder are at the same level to get the perfect push-up. You can give push up according to your stamina and performance. But it is best to have 10-20 sets daily

Golf exercise for beginners

There are a few exercises available for beginner golfers. These will help them to get more strengths, flexibility, and power for their rest of the performances. Some of the exercises for the beginning players are:

1.Rotational med ball toss: It is for achieving the power to play the game

2.Plank: For better stability in the ground

3. Bird Dog sets: For increasing mobility and stamina

4.Goblet squat: For better strength 

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