Best electric golf push cart

Best Electric Golf Push Cart Reviews 2021

Purchasing a golf cart to carry the golf bags and other accessories for the golfer will cost a lot of money. And hiring a golf cart or a caddy to carry the bags is also will cost a lot of money. Therefore the best alternative for all of these is a golf push cart.

A golf push cart not only carries the bag of a golfer but also comes with many advantages. A golf push cart reduces the effort of a golfer from carrying the heavy golf bag in their back. Some golf push carts need to be controlled manually and some of the push carts come with remote control. The remote control push cart is very convenient to work with as the golfer can control the cart from a far way with ease.

Today we will discuss about some of the best golf push carts so that one can find the best and suitable golf push carts that will reduce their effort and let them provide more focus on their game.

Here is a list of some best golf push carts.

Best Electric Golf Push Cart Review

1. Bag Boy Navigator

The Bag Boy Navigator is one of the best remote control push carts in the market. Setting up this push cart is very easy. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to be assembled. This lightweight push cart is very versatile and comes with many advantages and features.

The remote to control this push cart has 7 buttons where 4 of the buttons are used to control the direction. With the advanced display of this push cart, one will be able to control the speed, can see the battery level, and also the display can record distance. The manufacturer used gyroscope antideviation technology to keep the cart straight on any terrain. To power the cart, the manufacturer used a lithium-ion battery which provides long battery life to keep the cart running throughout the whole game.

Key Features:

Brand: Bag Boy

Weight: 32 pounds

  • The manufacturer used twin calibrated 230 W motor to power the push cart.
  • 4 wheel foldable electric push cart provides more stability on the course.
  • With the remote one can control the 4-way direction and the speed of the cart.
  • Designed with an advanced display to monitor the performance of the cart.
  • 12 volt 24 amp lithium-ion battery provides very long service.
  • Designed with a mobile holder, scorecard holder, umbrella holder, beverage holder, and adjustable brackets with bungee strap to hold the bag.

2. Tangkula Electric Golf Push Cart

This golf push cart would be a very good choice for those people who want many advantages from their push cart. It is a 4 wheeler foldable golf push cart. This quality cart will work as a caddy and will save a lot of money from buying a golf cart.

The Tangkula Electric Golf Push Cart is made of strong iron which made this golf cart very strong to carry a heavy golf bag with ease. For the construction material of this push cart, the cart will last very long. The manufacturer used a 120w motor in this cart. The motor is so quiet. This golf push cart is powered by a 12 volt 18 AH battery. The handle is made of TPR. It is a very convenient and lightweight push cart that will save a lot of effort.

Key Features:

Brand: Tangkula

Weight: 37 pounds

  • The foldable push cart is made of sturdy and durable iron.
  • The push cart comes with a 120w powerful motor.
  • Constructed with 12 volts and 18 AH durable lithium-ion battery.
  • Designed with 4 wheels. Two big wheels on the side one small in the front, and one small in the middle of the two big wheels.
  • Comes with a large accessories bag, phone holder, scorecard holder, and adjustable straps.
  • The dimension of this push cart is 47.5 in x 20 in x 45.5 in.

3. CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric

Want to provide more concentration and effort to the game instead of carrying your bag? Then get this push cart. The CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric push cart will do all the carrying works and it will let the player concentrate more on the game.

The frame of this push cart is made of durable and sturdy aluminum. For the construction material, this push cart can carry more weight than other push carts. It is called a robotic golf push cart because of the following mode. The cart can follow the golfer automatically. The manufacturer used an adjustable push handle so that golfers of all heights can use this device. The push cart is powered by 20 watt dual motors with a lithium-ion battery.

Key Features:

Brand: CaddyTreak Caddy

Weight: 39 lbs with the battery

  • This push cart is foldable and made of hard aluminum.
  • The manufacturer used 250 watt dual motors in this foldable push cart.
  • It is powered by a 24 volt 10 Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • Comes with an adjustable push handle so that all size golfers can use it.
  • With the expendable bag straps, one can secure bags of all sizes.
  • Backed with 1 year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Size of this battery is 36” x 34” x 23”.

4. Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart

This remote control caddy is known as one of the most selling caddies in the nation. The push cart will be a perfect choice for those people who want to control their cart from a far away. With the remote of this push cart, one can control the cart from 80 to 120 yards.

The push cart frame is made of aluminum with stainless steel and the bag support is made of ABS and nylon. The manufacturer used two 200 watt motors for this push cart. Also, to power this cart they used a sealed lead acid battery. This push cart is weatherproof in design.

Key Features:

Brand: Bat-Caddy Golf

Weight: 7 lbs including the battery

  • The frame is constructed with aluminum and stainless steel along.
  • The bag support of this cart is made of ABS and nylon materials.
  • Two 200 watt motors have been used for this push cart.
  • The cart is powered by a 12 volt 36 AH lead acid battery.
  • Can be controlled with the remote from 80 to 120 yards.
  • Comes with a year of warranty on parts, labor, and battery.

5. Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart

This modern Stewart Golf X9 Follow push cart is designed to walk across the course by keeping hands free. The push cart is built with artificial intelligence. The push cart is designed with elegant aesthetics look.

With the follow me technology of this device one would not have to control the push cart with the remote. The cart will automatically detect the position of the golfer and will follow the golfer. Also, it detects the speed of the golfer. When going through downhills if the golfers slow down the pace then the cart will also automatically pace down. However, it comes with convenient remote control. With the help of the remote control, one can control the cart from 50 yards.

Key Features:

Brand: Stewart Golf

Weight: 30 pounds

  • It is designed with 3 operation modes. These are automatic follow mode, remote control, and manually.
  • The dimension of this cart is 32.3 inches x 26 inches x 12.6 inches.
  • The manufacturer used a lithium-ion battery to power the cart.
  • One can control the push cart from up to 50 yards with the help of the remote.
  • It is designed with automatic downhill braking with outstanding stability while going up hills.

6. NovaCaddy Remote Control Electric

This golf push cart is very easy to use and it is designed with an adjustable handle. The push cart is light in weight and can carry heavyweight for its construction. The NovaCaddy Remote Control Electric push cart is designed with a dual handle so that both left and right hand golfers can use this with ease.

The cart is designed to be controlled with a convenient remote. One can control the cart from 80 to 120 yards with the help of the remote. The remote provides access to control the cart in right, left, front, backward, and also to stop. The manufacturer used dual motors with lithium batteries.

Key Features:

Brand: NovaCaddy

Weight: 37 pounds

  • The manufacturer constructed the push cart frame with durable aluminum.
  • The dimension of this foldable push cart is 45 x 40 x 22 inches.
  • The manufacturer used two 200 watts 12 volt DC noiseless motor.
  • The push cart can take up to 88 lbs weight.
  • It runs almost 13 miles with just a single charge.
  • Can be controlled in left, right, front, backward, and stop with the help of the remote.
  • Designed with cup holder, scorecard holder, umbrella holder, and tool kit.

7. Spin It Golf Products GC1R

With this high quality golf push cart caddy one does not have to waste energy on lifting their heavy golf bag. The Spin It Golf Products GC1R golf push cart can be controlled easily with the help of the remote. The manufacturer used high quality mandrel bent aluminum to construct this push cart.

The wheels of this cart are made of low maintenance ABS plastic with airless rubber tires. The manufacturer used a sealed lead acid gel battery to power this cart. One can control the speed manually or with the help of the remote. The remote is able to work from 120 yards. Manufacturer provides 1 year of warranty for manufacturing defects.

Key Features:

Brand: Spin It Golf Products LLC

Weight: 56 lbs including the battery weight

  • The push cart is made of high quality mandrel bent aluminum.
  • Folded dimension of this cart is 35 inches by 24 inches by 12 inches.
  • Powered by 12 volts 36 AH sealed acid battery.
  • Used 2 200 watt motors to power this cart.
  • Can carry up to 75 lbs.
  • Can be controlled from 120 yards and comes with 1 year warranty.

8. MGI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric

Reduce your effort on the golf course with the help of this golf push cart caddy. This remote control push cart costs less effort than other golf push carts. With the remote one can control the direction of the push cart without any problem.

The manufacturer used gyroscope straight tracker technology. The built in gyroscope technology helps the push cart to remain straight on the course. Also, the manufacturer used the downhill speed control technique so that one should not waste effort to control the speed while the cart is going downhill. Also, without these the cart has many convenient advantages like a parking brake, swiveling lockable front wheel. All of these features are designed to lessen the effort of the golfer.

Key Features:

Manufacturer: Protégé Sport Pty. Ltd

Weight: 34.96 lbs

  • The dimension of this push cart is 31.5 x 23.2 x 40.9 inches.
  • Can be controlled in all directions with the remote.
  • Built in gyroscope technology to keeps the cart straight on the terrain.
  • The downhill speed controller controls the cart while going through the downhill of the course.
  • Used powerful twin 230 watt motor.
  • A powerful 24 volt 380 watt motor is used for this cart.

9. CartTek GRI-975Li SIVER Electric

This high-quality and durable golf push cart frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum. It is designed with an adjustable handle so that any golfer can find the cart easy to use. It has variable speed control. The manufacturer used two of the 24 volt high torque motor in this push cart. Also, to power this cart, the manufacturer used a 24 volt 7.5 AH high quality lithium-ion battery. With this cart, golfers can cover up to 27 holes. However, it depends on the condition of the course. The motor gear, cables, and controller of this cart are not exposed to the outside world so there is no danger of getting any shock.

Key Features:

Brand: Cart-Tek

Weight: 18 pounds frame weight

  • The push cart frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Folded size of this push cart is 32" L x 26" W x 12 1/5 H.
  • High torque 2 motors of 24 volts.
  • High quality 24 volts 7.5 AH lithium-ion battery.
  • Can cover up to 27 holes depending on the condition of the course.
  • A scorecard, umbrella holder, and ball holder are included.
Electric Golf Push Cart

Electric Golf Push Cart

Things to consider before buying a golf push cart

Having a quality golf push cart is very suitable for an effortless and hand free experience. It will take all the loads and keep the golfer free from work and give the advantage to concentrate on the game more. But a bad golf push cart will consume more effort. One can get any of the above golf push carts from our list. Because these are high quality and will provide service for decades.

However, to buy the best golf push cart one should consider some factors. These factors are:

Construction material: The construction material is the basic thing that needs to be concerned at first. As the push cart will take a heavy load of the golf bag one should get a very sturdy frame so that the frame can take the heavy load with ease. The stainless steel made frame is very durable and sturdy. However, the stainless steel made frame is a bit heavy. On the other hand, the aluminum made frame is very light but it is not as hard as stainless steel. But the modern titanium made frame is both very strong and light. The only problem with the titanium frame is that it will cost a lot.

Ergonomic Remote: Basically, all the remotes of the golf push cart provide control to all the directions. But there are some golf push carts that remotes come with extra features like a reverse option, speed control, automatic shut off system. These features are very helpful and would not let the cart get lose out of the hand of the golfers. However, one should also check how the remote feels inside their hand. If controlling the cart with the remote feels problematic, then one should look for other models.

Adjustable handle: Make sure to choose a push cart that features an adjustable handle. Because, if the handle is positioned wrong according to you then the cart will put a strain on your wrist and spine while traveling to the hills or downhill on the course.

Battery- It is one of the most important considerations. With the push golf cart, one does not want to get stuck in the middle of the course. Therefore one has to make sure that the battery of their cart will be able to cover all the holes in the course with ease. Another important thing about the push cart battery is the type. Basically, golf push carts use two types of batteries one is sealed lead acid and the other one is lithium ion. The lithium ion is very superior to lead acid batteries. Because it provides more durability, safe, environment friendly, and can work in various temperatures. So we would like to recommend one to choose lithium ion batteries for their golf push cart instead of a lead acid battery to have more convenient performance.

Size: By size, we mean the folded size. The folded size of the push cart must be compact so that one can easily store the push cart in the back of their vehicle. So make sure to measure the size of the cart before purchasing.

These are the main factors that one must concern. Also, one must check that the push cart they choose provides more space for their accessories like umbrella holder, phone holder, ball holder, scorecard holder, etc. If you want to know Golf Cart Batteries.

Which electric golf trolley is best?

The best electric golf trolley is the remote controlled golf trolley. Because it reduces effort and lets the golfer control the direction, speed, and many more of the trolley. To find the best golf trolley one can check the above list of our best electric golf push carts.

However, here is a list of the 5 best electric golf trolleys.

  • Motocaddy S1
  • Powerhouse Golf Freedom T2-S
  • Bag Boy Navigator
  • Spin It Golf Products GC1R
  • Powakaddy FX3

Are electric golf trolleys worth it?

Those golfers who use push or pull trolleys know how effortive it is to work with these trolleys. Golfers have to provide a lot of effort at the time of going through the hill or downhill as they have to push the trolley or pull the trolley very hard so that the trolley does not go out of their hand. Therefore the electric golf trolleys are a great alternative and worth the investment. Because the electric golf trolleys do not require a lot of effort. All the effortful work will be done by the battery of the trolley. If you want to know Golf Cart Horn.

Is it better to push or pull a golf cart?

Golf push carts are way easier to work with than using a golf pull cart. The push cart does not produce strain to the shoulders and the back. On the other hand, a pull cart will produce a huge amount of strain to the shoulders and sometimes it becomes very hard to pull the cart in sand or in the rough area.


A golf push cart can be very helpful for those golfers who cannot afford a golf cart. A push cart helps a golfer from using more energy to lifting the golf bag and other accessories. The market is full of many golf push carts therefore one can get confused and can end up buying a bad one. That is why today we have come with a list of best electric golf push carts and a buying guide which will help golfers to choose the best one.

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