Best Colored Golf Balls

Best Colored Golf Balls Reviews 2021

In the golf tournament, it can be seen that the players are playing with white golf balls. White is the common golf ball color in the golf world. However, the golf balls are available in different colors. The colored golf balls are suitable for beginners and also for those old golf loving persons.

Golfers like to use colored golf balls because the colored golf balls are highly visible. These balls are very easy to find. Also, some manufacturers produce colored golf balls with a high flying capacity which makes the golf game more enthusiastic. For those players who love to play with colored golf balls, we have collected the best colored golf ball which is suitable for both advanced and beginners.

Without taking any more let's start with the list of best colored golf balls:

Best Colored Golf Balls Review

1. Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

For beginners and old golfers this would be a perfect golf ball choice. As the manufacturer promises the balls will fly at a far straighter distance with each shot the ball really does. The dimple pattern on the surface made these balls very efficient. For the dimple pattern design, the balls will create 38 percent more surface contact between the club and the ball which is far better than the traditional dimple design. Also, the ball is matte green in color which is highly visible in the small green.

The gradational core will provide a soft feel while a player contacts the ball with the club. These balls provide more friction on the green for better spin. Those players who want to improve in their tee-off distance should get these balls. They will fall in love after playing with these balls once.

Key Features

Brand: Bridgestone Golf

  • These balls are made of plastic.
  • Balls are matte green in color.
  • The package is 1 pound weighted.
  • Unique dimple design increase more efficient energy transfer.
  • Balls fly more in straighter distance than other balls.
  • Increased friction for better performance and spin in the green.

2. Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte

These golf balls are produced by Callaway. These balls are available in a range of matte colors including yellow, red, and orange. These are very highly visible colors. So players won't have to use more effort to find these balls like the traditional white ones.

The surface of these balls is designed with hex aerodynamics design and features long distances. The ball is constructed in three pieces layers. There is no specific compression rating of these balls. But however, experts said that these balls have a low compression rating. These balls will provide a more straight distance and perform excellent around the green. Balls are manufactured for adults. The package will contain 15 golf balls. With these bright matte color balls, one won't lose any balls in the course.

Key Features:

Brand: Callaway

  • Available in different matte colors including red, yellow, and green.
  • No need to use effort for finding the balls as they are highly visible.
  • The package contains 15 nice golf balls.
  • Constructed by using 3 pieces of layers.
  • A low compression rate will allow the balls to fly more straight.
  • Balls are proven to be aerodynamic.

3. 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft

This ball is engineered for more speed and great distance. The ball will produce a far distance from tee off with any club in the bag. The core of these balls is made of large Graphene infused dual soft core which gives the ball more agility and covers more distance. The core will provide a low spin rate. The outer core is also coated with Graphene which provides more durability.

For the Ionomer blend in the ball will transfer more efficient energy from the club to the ball for more speed. These balls will maintain a high spin with a soft feel in the green. These balls are available in two different colors and made in the USA.

Key Features:

Brand: Callaway

  • The manufacturer used rubber to construct these balls.
  • These balls are available in two different highly visible colors including black and yellow.
  • The large Graphene infused dual core provides more speed and efficient energy.
  • The Graphane made thinner and sturdy outer layer will ensure the durability of the ball.
  • These balls will increase overall distance by taking high flight.

4. MSrixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

These balls will be a perfect gift for those fathers who love to play golf. These golf balls are true to their name. As the name called Soft Feel these balls will give soft feelings with each contact to the balls. With the soft feel, these balls will provide experience to the golfers with solid impact.

The FastLayer core is very soft and the core gradually transitions to a firm outer edge. The core is very suitable for a great distance from the tee. For making it aerodynamic manufacturer designed the upper with the 338 SPEED dimple pattern. These patterns reduce drag at launch and allow the balls to fly higher.

Key Features:

Brand: Srixon

  • Balls are available in matte yellow color.
  • Made of synthetic material.
  • Soft FastLayer core gradually transitions to a firm outer edge.
  • With each impact, these balls provide soft and solid impact experiences.
  • Contains 338 speed dimples to take a higher flight.
  • The whole package is 1.66 pounds weighted.

5. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft

This is a 12 golf balls package. This ball pack is produced by Callaway. Callaway is one of the top brands in the golf world for its equipment. They produce top golf balls in the golf world. This Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf ball was awarded the gold rating in 2018.

These balls are manufactured by using a new soft Graphene dual soft fast core. The soft Graphese core is designed to improve in the distance with a soft feel. These golf balls will provide more distance with the longer clubs and for control, they perform suitable with scoring clubs. The cover is made of urethane which is premium soft. The cover provides nice control around the greenside.

Key Features:

Brand: Callaway

  • 12 golf balls pack.
  • Available in yellow color.
  • Balls are manufactured with the dual soft fast core.
  • The cover is made of urethane.
  • For the core construction with these balls, one can achieve greater distance.
  • And for the urethane upper balls provide excellent greenside control.

6. TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

These balls are manufactured by TaylorMade. To increase the speed manufacturers used innovative techniques without affecting the spin performance. These balls are constructed with 5 layers. The tri-fast core provides low compression which increases the launch angle and it reduces the drag.

For the 4 increasingly stiff layers these balls provide higher speed with a greater rebound. For the greater rebound manufacturer used a new material called HFM. The HFM acts like a spring when the ball gets hit by the club. The spring stores energy and then acts quickly. For more greenside spin the surface is made of dual-spin urethane cover.

Key Features:

Brand: TaylorMade

  • Balls are available in two colors.
  • Made of HFM and urethane materials.
  • Balls are constructed with 5 layers.
  • The HFM acts like spring and provides higher speed with great rebound.
  • The urethane cover will provide more greenside spin.

7. Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls

These golf balls are available in many different colors and it is a 12 balls pack. These balls are an improved version of the ersoft. Manufacturers combined incredible cover, core, and flight technology to make these quality balls. The hybrid cover of these balls is made of DOW chemicals.

These new innovative and hybrid balls are made to produce fast speed, low spin, soft feel, and greenside controls. To increase the speed the manufacturer used a soft compression core. The compression rate of these balls is only 35 which made the ball more accurate and straight distance.

Key Features:

Brand: Callaway

  • This is a 12 balls pack and comes in many colors.
  • These balls are constructed by improving ersoft.
  • The PARALOID impact modifier cover is made by DOW chemical.
  • Only a 35 compression rate allows the ball to take straight and accurate flight.
  • Balls are made to provide fast speed, low spin, controls over the green, and accurate shots.

8. Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls

These balls are produced by Nitro. It is a 15 balls package. The best part about this package is that there are different colors balls in this package. That means with each and every ball golfer will feel more enthusiastic.

The solid super reactive titanium core will provide a more straight distance. With the 70 compression rate these golf balls will provide a nice feel. The balls are constructed in 2 layers. Also, the surface of these balls is designed with a printed rose. These balls would be suitable for both men and women.

Key Features:

Brand: Nitro

  • 15 golf balls pack.
  • Balls are designed in different colors.
  • The compression rate of these balls is 70.
  • Balls are constructed in 2 layers.
  • Great balls to improve distance and performance.

9. TaylorMade Soft Response

The TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball is available in three colors. These golf balls are made of Ionomer material. The surface is designed with 322 seamless dimple patterns. The shallower unique u shape dimple design will increase the ball flight. On the other hand, the dimple design will decrease the amount of drag.

The core is designed with a lower compression rate. The core provides a soft feel with effortless shots. The soft ionomer cover increase green side feels with improvement in durability.

Key Features:

Brand: TaylorMade

  • The TaylorMade soft response balls are available in three different colors.
  • The manufacturer constructed these balls with ionomer material.
  • Balls are constructed with three layers.
  • The cover provides a soft feel and also increases durability.
  • Designed with 322 dimples.
  • The dimple pattern is designed in a unique U shape to improve the ball flight and speed.
Best Colored Golf Balls

Buying Consideration for Colored Golf Balls

In the golf world, one will find golf balls in many colors. Even a golfer can find the golf balls in their favorite color. But that doesn't mean that they can choose their favorite color balls. There are some important features along with the colors that a golfer must consider. Here are some features that a golfer should consider before buying colored golf balls and red golf ball.

Color- First of all let's start with the color. If anyone wants to buy colorful golf balls that means they want a golf ball that will be visible in any situation. For this reason, we would like to prefer that one must choose highly visible colors like yellow, pink, red and green. These are the brightest colors available for golf balls. These colored balls can be easily found. Golfers don't have to provide much effort to search for these colored balls.

Construction and Materials- These are very important features of a golf ball. Golf balls are made of different materials. While buying golf balls make sure the core materials and the cover material. For a more straight flight, the core must be made of soft materials. On the other hand for more spin or roll over the ball core should be made of hard material.

Golf balls are constructed in different layers. Some balls are constructed of two layers which are almost seen in most golf balls. If anyone wants to improve their flight then they should choose 2 layers of golf balls. This will allow them to shot the ball at a further distance with speed. However, if anyone wants to have more spin in the green then they should go for more layers of golf balls like three, four, or even five.

Compression Rate- The compression rate of the golf ball probably depends on the core material. If the core is made of soft material then it will provide more compression rate. And if the core is made of hard materials then the ball will provide less compression rate. In simple words, low compression rate golf balls will provide more spins in the green and high compression rate golf balls will provide more flight in the air.

Surface Design- The surface design must be aerodynamic. Basically, golf balls are designed with dimples on the surface. The more dimples in the surface will provide more speed and less friction in the air. Also, the new golf balls are coming with different dimple designs for more flight like shallower unique u shape dimples which is more aerodynamic than the traditional dimple designs.

Do any Pros Use Colored Golf Balls?

Basically, in a golf tournament on the golf course, it can be seen that the professionals only use white color golf balls. But sometimes outside of the field, they can be found playing with different color golf balls for enjoyment.

One of the reasons they play with the white ball is that they sign deals with companies to earn money. For this reason, they have to play with those colors that their contracted company makes. Typically the top golf ball manufacturers produce white color golf balls and that’s why professionals are found playing with the white color balls most. However, some pros golfers believe that white is a highly visible color and can be distinguished in green that's why they use the white color.

What is the Easiest Color Golf Ball to See?

There are many highly visible color golf balls available in the market. But one of the most highly visible colors is white. White has always been the top preferred color in golf history for its visibility.

However, depending on situations the red, pink, yellow, and deep green are also very visible. Most women like to play with the pink color golf ball some pros women golfers also play with the pink color ball. That means after white pink is the easiest color golf ball to see.

Do Matte Finish Golf Balls Make a Difference?

Yes, matte color golf balls make difference. For those golfers who are so obsessed with golf, the matte color golf ball can be a big help. Obsessed golfers won't care whether the day is too shiny or too cloudy. The matte finish golf balls are suitable for both shiny and cloudy situations. Because the glossiness of the matte finished golf balls make the ball easy to find in tough situations.

What do the Colored Numbers on Golf Balls Mean?

Previously golfers believed that the colored number on the golf balls means the compression rate of the golf balls. They used to think that red color is used to represent a lower compression rate and the black color is used to represent a higher compression rate. This was a flaw. Basically, most companies use red color to represent the softness of the balls and the black color for the sturdiness of the balls.

Final Words

Here we have provided a list of some colored golf balls. These balls are highly visible and the top golf balls. Also, these balls are very great for straight flight. We have also provided a buying guide for colored golf balls which can be very helpful for beginners and also for advanced golfers.

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