Best Bridgestone Lady Golf Balls 2021

Best Bridgestone Lady Golf Balls 2021

People have a different kind of taste and choice of their favorite things. They like to keep the difference among everything. The golf game is also included in such things. This game has huge popularity all over the world. As it is a very easy and clean game, everyone loves to play this in their holidays or weekends. A perfect golf game gets held according to the types of equipment and the place. It can't be played everywhere. There is a specific playground or course with almost 18 holes in it. Those who play golf are called golfer. There are another two important things for the game. They are the club and the ball. The unique fact about the instruments is, they are different according to gender. The clubs and the balls are available in two different variants. One is for male golfers and the other one is for female golfers. So in this topic, we will know about the best Bridgestone lady golf balls and some of the products. 

Best Bridgestone Lady Golf Balls Review

Bridgestone is one of the famous brands that make golf game related equipment. Among all of their famous products, the golf ball is one. The golf ball made from Bridgestone contains high quality material and layer that provides the best performance to the players. Nowadays, all the lady golfers like to play long shots and swings with their clubs.

The Bridgestone lady golf ball is the best choice for them. The lady golf balls are softer and lighter compare to the male ones. It is because of the female golfers. As they can hit a powerful shot like men, this golf ball allows them to shot and make a long hit easily. Let us know about some of the best Bridgestone golf balls for ladies and their specifications below:

1. Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls

This lady golf ball has 2 types of color available in it. They are: pink and white. A perfect golf ball that is made from plastic. Each ball weighs around 1.5 pounds. It is one of the best lady golf balls to use for any kind of game like national or international or even domestic games too. The golf ball is perfectly constructed and designed for the game. Best aerodynamic design is used in it which helps to create long shots even in the lower hit.

The design used in this ball is the delta dimple cover which is perfect to provide a proper airflow in the ball. If we think about the cover, there is the lonomer cover used in the ball which helps to make the ball softer and easier to use. For the soft feel of the ball, it has a low compression core designed in it. This one can be a good choice for female golfers to use for their daily games.

Key Features:

  • Aerodynamic design for higher shots with lower effort
  • Low driver with long iron speed helps to get the straight run with better distance
  • The low compression core design ensures high speed of the ball with the soft feeling
  • For the core construction, it can produce a good speed when the ball gets hit
  • Made from very high quality rubber and layers that will last for a long time

Bridgestone Golf Ball for Ladies

Another great product of the brand Bridgestone. These balls are unique from the others. Because of, they have multi type colors in them. The total set of this golf ball contains a total of 12 pieces. There are 6 white balls, 3 pink balls, and 3 yellow balls in this set. Each of the balls contains high quality synthetic. Length of the package is 4.5 c.m. 15.3 in width and the height of the package is 19.6.  

The total weight of 12 balls including the package is 1 pound. They can be the best choice for women. As they have different types of colors available in them, the lady golfer can change the balls and shift to another color while playing. Perfectly build lower compression core design of the ball helps to increase the speed of the ball while hitting in a lower effort. The total set of these balls can last for a long term and even for a good number of games.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality synthetic and rubber
  • Contains 3 different types of color
  • The high performance core design is perfect for increasing the speed while hitting
  • The soft core feels better to the lady golfers
  • Enough durable and long lasting because of the high quality material
Best Bridgestone Lady Golf Balls

Best Bridgestone Lady Golf Balls

Buying Guide

Buying Guide is a very helpful thing, especially for newcomers. For those who don't know about a term and eager to get the best one for them, the buying guide is a must needed thing for them. Let's go and check out the buying guides that can lead someone to their desired thing.

Quality with performance: Nobody will like to go for a golf ball with a beautiful design only. Quality and performance is the most essential thing. If a lady golfer is enough professional, she will choose the best golf ball to play the game. Before buying the ball, the buyer should know about the quality and the material.

The best decision is to go for a ball that is made from either synthetic or high quality rubber. As the ball is for the lady golfer, make sure to have a lower compression level in it. This function will not only give a good swing to the ball but also a better throw in a lower distance.

Durability for a long time: As the golf balls are available in a set, there is no chance of getting or purchasing them in a single piece. So this is also a good thing to observe the durability. Generally, each golf ball can stay perfect for 3-4 matches. If it gets damaged within playing a single match, it is good to avoid those kinds of golf balls for playing.

The best way to know about the durability of the balls quickly is, getting knowledge about the user feedback. Talking with some lady golf players or judging on the market value will help you to know about the golf balls and their durability.

What is the Best Bridgestone Golf ball?

Bridgestone is a very famous and popular brand in golf games. They have some best type of golf balls to them. These balls are placed as the best ones because of the quality and performance. The best Bridgestone ball till now for women is the Bridgestone Lady Precept.

 It is a very common and favorite golf ball for the lady golfers. It is famous because of the structure of the ball. Some of the lady golfers say that the balls feel like the marshmallow to them. This one is the softest ball of Bridgestone for lady golfers.

What Golf Ball do LPGA Players Use?

Ladies Professional Golf Association is mainly for those golfers who elect themselves for playing in national or international golf tournaments. As they have proper knowledge of the game, they know the value and the demand of the game related instruments. Here, some of the names of golf balls have been given below which are used for playing by the LPGA players. And the balls are:

1. Srixon Z Star

2. Bridgestone Tour B X

3. Titleist Pro V1

4. Titleist Pro V1x

What is the Compression of the Bridgestone Lady Golf Ball?

A general thing about the golf balls is their compressions. Like others, the Bridgestone have the compression for their golf balls too. Generally, compression is the most important thing for a golf ball. As the performance is dependent on the ball and the material, compression is also a part of it. How much pressure the ball can take while hitting it and how far it will go is the main object of the compression.

Bridgestone golf balls have a compression rate of 50 for men. This rate highlights the performance and the proper swing of the ball when it gets hit. This compression rate for the lady golf ball is low compare to the men's one. So if we count about the compression rate of the lady golf ball, the approx rate will be 40 which can be called the lower level compression for them.

What Bridgestone Ball is Comparable to Pro V1

As it will be the comparison between two types of ball, the best ball to compare with the Pro V1 golf ball is the Bridgestone Tour B XS. This one can be called almost the same type of ball of Pro V1. It has the same feature as Pro V1. Bridgestone Tour B XS lady golf ball is mainly designed for lower level handicapped players. For those players, who are new to the golf game, this one is a suitable golf ball.

But there is a little bit of difference between these two typed balls. Though the performance and the specification of these balls are the same, the Bridgestone Tour has a little bit softer structure than the Pro V1 in the field. Besides, it has a good spinning ability too. But without these things, all the qualities and performance are the same in both. Those who have good knowledge about the balls will surely go for the Bridgestone one.

Final Words

Women are now having a good contribution in almost all kinds of activities. They now have a good position in the golf game too. There are some living legends as the lady golfers who have taken the game to another level. Women are now playing golf at both the national and international levels. So the golf balls for ladies are a very serious term to follow. A simple ball can make the game win and it can be the reason for losing too. Therefore, try to choose the best golf ball for your game and your performance.

Use the lady golf balls and snatch the victory through a good game

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