Average Distance for Women's Golf Clubs

Average Distance for Women’s Golf Clubs

Having knowledge of a golf club's distance or how far a golf club can hit can change the game in a good way. This knowledge is very important because the skilled players want to know how far a golf cart can hit to improve or measure the hit level for their best shot.

The average distance of golf clubs is different for women and men. Mainly, because of the body type. Normally, men can hit far than women but sometimes women can cover the longest distance.

The average distance for women’s golf clubs is depending on some factors. The distance for women’s golf clubs mainly depends on their age, physical fitness, golf swing, ball speed, weather condition, loft angel, etc.

Average Distance for Women's Golf Clubs

The average distance for golf clubs depends on some factors as well as varies from golfer to golfer. The covering rate of the distance for one person by 5-iron can be equal to another person’s 7-iron hit.

Normally, the average distance of a woman golfer is approximately 120 yards to 150 yards. The distance can be changed according to some situations.

Before discussing the details of average distance for women’s golf clubs one should know the types of available golf clubs in the market. Having many options it is easy to find the type of golf clubs which is better for one to hit the right distance. Mainly, the market has putters, wedges, woods, and iron golf clubs.

Putters: Having relatively short and low strokes and the ability to rolling the ball into the hole putters club is good for a short distance for females.

Woods: Having longer shafts and a larger round head a woods golf club is good for a long-distance hit to compare to other golf clubs.

Irons: Typically, iron golf clubs have a short shaft and a small head. Trying to score with grooves iron golf club is a good option.

Hybrids: Mainly, the hybrid golf clubs are designed for distance, control, and playability. This club has combined features of iron and wood golf clubs.

Wedges: Having the highest loft and shortest shafts, the wedges golf club is designed for a special situation like a short shot like getting the ball out of hazard with maximum accuracy.

Now, we will discuss the average distance for every golf club mentioned above for women golfers. The fact needs to remember the average distance can vary day-to-day. There is a saying that the best shot of a golfer can’t repeat twice.

Average Putter Golf Clubs Distance for Women

The average distance for putter Golf Clubs for female golfers is around 200 yards. The distance varies for different ages and strength levels for female golfers. Because of the putter, golf clubs swing speed and loft. The average putter’s golf clubs have closer to 12 degrees for women.

Average wood golf clubs distance for women

Wood golf clubs are aimed to achieve long distance. With a 3-wood golf club, a women golfer can achieve an average distance of 150 to 160 yards. On the other side with a 5-wood golf cart, female golfers can achieve 130 yards to 140 yards distance.

Average iron golf clubs distance for women’s

Aiming to hit the best scoring shots by hitting a consistent distance iron golf club is the best choice. The average range of distance can vary because of the manufacturing loft range and the strength level of female golfers.

The average female golfers may face difficulties while hitting a 2-iron golf club. The average distance for a female golfer with a 2-iron golf club is around 160 yards. The female golfer can replace the 2-iron golf club with a fairy wood golf club. It will be a wise decision.

Having features of easy hit a 3-iron golf club can be a good choice but not for beginners. But a 3-iron golf club is better than a 2-iron golf club for the average female golf player. The average distance female golfers can achieve with a 3-iron golf club is around 150 to 160 yards.

If any female golfer faced difficulties hitting with a 3-iron golf club they can replace it with a 3-wood golf club. The 3-wood golf club may gain better accuracy than the 3-iron golf club.

A female golfer can achieve around 140 yards distance by a 4-iron golf club. However, many female golfers prefer hybrid golf clubs instead of 4-iron golf clubs.

For the female golfer, the 5-iron is a good option having a set of good features favorable for female golfers. 140 yards is the average distance achieved by a 5-iron golf club for female golfers. However, many female golfers are replacing the 5-iron golf clubs with hybrid golf clubs.

Featuring easy to control and capability of hitting consistently the 6-iron golf club achieved an average distance of 130 yards for female players.

The female golfers can cover 120yards to 130 yards average distance with a 7-iron golf club.

Average hybrid golf clubs distance for women

Hybrid golf clubs have become extremely popular because of their accurate and longer shots. Recently, both female and male golfers are replacing their iron golf clubs because of the key features of hybrid golf clubs. The hybrid golf clubs can have more accurate shots than the iron golf clubs.

Normally, the female golfers can cover 5yards or 8yards more than the iron golf clubs. A female golfer can cover 135 yards average distance by a well-struck 3-hybrid golf club. Also, the 4-hybrid golf club can achieve an average distance of 125 yards to 130 yards approximately.

What factors influence the average distance of women’s golf clubs

We have mentioned earlier that some factors are responsible for changing the average distance of women golf clubs. Let’s have a detailed discussion about those factors.

Weather: Conditions of weather have a huge impact on golf. When the weather is rainy the air becomes thicker, soggy, and heavy. This type of weather decrease the regular distance of a golf club that can hit, the ball travels the lower distance.

In the winter session, the weather becomes icy and heavy. So the golf ball can’t cover as much as the distance is supposed to be even in a best hit.

Physical Features: Physical Features are important, mainly for female golfers. One’s physical characteristics, strength, flexibility have huge effects on the distance covering by the golf clubs. Having a lot of strength one female golfer can create maximum spin in the backswing that ensures the higher swing speed and increase the distance.

Women having a long height are flexible. They can create the largest spin with a long swing speed that also increases the distance.

However, many female golfers with lower height and less strength can create high spins and high speed. They have many unique playing styles.

Weight of golf clubs: The weight of the golf clubs has a great impact on the distance. Because of this female golfer prefers light weight golf clubs. This is the reason female golfers are replacing iron golf clubs with hybrid golf clubs. The lightweight golf carts are easy to lift and easy to hit. One playing with a lightweight golf club can create a larger swing and it will impact the distance.

If a female player has the quality of creating clubhead speed and swing speed they can choose a heavy golf club. Having slower spin ability lighter weight golf clubs are the best choice.

Forgiveness of the golf club: If a female golfer hits the golf ball by the corner of the club, not the center, it is possible that they will miss the shot and the ball will travel in a bad line. In addition, the ball will not cover the expected distance not even close. If someone is playing with a game improvement golf club the hit will be accurate and achieving the expected distance will be easier. In clearance, the player can miss the center hit but the hit will cover a good distance.

Loft Angle: The speed of the golf ball swing can be measure from the golf club's loft angle. Different golf clubs have different loft angle that has a great impact on golf clubs distance covering range.

Currently, golf club manufacturing companies are focusing on putting stronger lofts on the irons clubs so that the clubs can cover more distance.

Smash factor: The way to divide the ball by club speed is the smash factor. This factor measures the amount of energy a club used to hit the golf ball. Creating a higher smash factor one can hit the ball with higher energy.

Swing speed by golf clubs: Ability to create a larger spin to swing the golf balls, the golf clubs are different from each other. Female golfers can cover maximum distance with golf clubs that have higher swing speed.

Ball Speed by golf clubs: The speed of the ball depends on the manufacturing features more than the hit by the golf clubs. The constructions of the golf clubs are mostly responsible for the ball speed but the speed of the ball has a great impact on the average distance a golf club can achieve.

In the case of the female golfer, there have some specially made golf balls that can achieve higher distance by low swing.

Skill Level: Normally, one skilled female golfer can achieve a higher distance compare to an average by the same golf club. The same goes for beginners. A beginner golf player will cover less distance compared to the skilled and average female golfer with the same golf club. So the skill level of a golfer has a great impact on the distance covering by golf clubs.

Addition of new technology: The world is changing continuously. And people are discovering things and technologies in everything. The golf club manufacturing companies are also adding new technologies to the golf clubs over the year. Adding titanium and graphite to the golf clubs made a major change in a good way to the golf game.

The average distance for the LPGA golf clubs

LPGA or female professional golfers playing golf from a very young age. In a word we can say this female golfer, living, breathing, playing, practicing golf from a very young age. Their golf is far better than the average female golfer. It is possible, that an LPGA golfer may play better than some skilled male golfers.

An LPGA golfer can cover 200 yards to 220 yards with a putter golf cart. With a wood golf club of different models, the covered distance can be 170yards to 200 yards.

The average distance of iron golf clubs is lower also for the LPGA golfer. The average distance they have covered with the iron club is around 120yards to 170 yards.

Ways to know what golf club is for what distance

It’s not a hard task. Normally one should first measure the distance from the hole to the golfer position. It can be done with help from the golf range finders and the use of some device. Some experienced player doesn’t need those help they can just say by seeing. However, the hit will be completely useless if one doesn’t know the distance even if with the best golf club.

If the distance is around 120yards to 200yards golfer can choose iron golf clubs. If the distance is higher than 200 yards one can choose a wooden or hybrid golf club.

For the female average player, they should choose a lightweight golf club if the distance is larger.

What is the difference in average golf club distance for men and women

After reading the above details one can easily assume that there are differences in the average distance for men and women golf clubs.

Generally, men hit further than the women golfer. However, some skilled women golfer can hit further than the men with the same golf club.

If we compare the average distance for a skilled female golfer with a skilled male golfer the male can hit a larger distance than women. Men also can hit a long distance with an iron golf club as their physical strength is higher than women golfers. Using an iron golf club a skilled man golfer can hit an average distance of 120yards to 190 yards. In the case of women, with an iron golf club, the average distance they can cover is 100yards to 160 yards.

With a wood golf club, the average distance a skilled men golfer hit is around 190 yards to 230 yards. On the other hand, women golfer can hit an average distance of 140 to 200 yards with a wood golf club.

Final Words

We wrote this article to give a detailed description of Average Distance for Women's Golf Clubs. It is important to know how to further one can shot with which golf club for accuracy. If one chooses the wrong golf club for a shot the shot will go in vain. Though the average distance varies on some factors, it is not hard to know which golf club is for which distance.

For a good score, it is always important to know the average distance of golf clubs. We hope that one may find this article useful and informative to find the average distance for women golf clubs.

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