Are Golf Cart Keys All The Same?

Are Golf Cart Keys All The Same?

Golf cart keys remain the same or universal depending on their brands. As the golf carts are available in different brands, each of the brands contains a different type of keys which are not the same for the other branded golf carts.

Are Golf Cart Keys all the Same?

Among some of the golf cart parts, the key is one. It can be called the most essential thing of a golf cart that gets used for starting up or igniting the cart. Compared to the other moving or replacing parts, the key gets removed the majority of the time. That is, because of, golf cart keys don't keep in the keyhole whenever it doesn't get used. Almost all the golf cart brands contain the same sized key with different body patterns.

Golf Cart Key Dissimilarities and Reason

Most of the golf cart keys don't shape the same. Especially, different branded golf carts don't have the same key even the shape. That is because; using the same shaped key can create difficulties of choosing or even using. As all the golf carts of a brand are almost the same, there is a chance of losing or get troubled while measuring in the golf course.

Different Keys According to Different Brands

It is a common thing that, the keys of a transport or a vehicle don't appear the same to the other ones. But some of the branded golf carts contain the same type of keys that can be called the universal one for their other golf carts.

Here are some of the golf cart brands given along with their key details and using method as they appear almost the same as the others.

1. Club Car

The benefit of using the Club Car for any kind of area is, the universal ignition system lets its place at any branded and sized club car. Avoiding the lost key issues or else broken keys issues can be solved out through this easy method. From the production model of 1982, all the keys remain the same for the club car. But the older club car model may not take advantage of this feature as they are not made with the same type of key. As they are enough versatile, they can be carried or driven with the car keys from any place.

2. EZ GO Golf Cart

Like Club Car, EZ GO branded golf carts also have the same pattern and universal keys to them. But the difference is, their electric powered golf cart and gas pedaled golf carts contain a different types of key which means, only the electric keys will go with the electric one. The detailed and fixed key number 17063G1 will be preferred for use as the universal key. The TXT EZ Go golf cart from the year 1976 came under the facilities. The golf cart model excluded the model number along with the production number will not come under the advantage. Some of the gas EZ Go golf cart models of both variants can have the advantage too.

3. Yamaha Golf Cart

As both of the previous golf carts brands and models have universal key accessibility, Yamaha has also the same features and facilities. But the difference is, Yamaha has two different types of keys to them. The first one of the keys contains part number J17-82511-yy. This universal key is perfect to start up the model of G1, G2, G8, G9, and G11. Each of the last 2 digits will get changed according to the model and year as there are a lot of models from every year. All these keys from above suit with Yamaha Golf Carts from the production time from 1985 to 1995.

The second version of the Yamaha golf cart key has part number 1012505, 1920, ELI80-0194. For using in both gas and an electric variant of golf carts, these golf cart universal keys are available. And the model number is, G14, G16, G19, and G22. If you want to know Golf Cart Lift Kit.

Terms that Create an Impact on Cart Keys

Because of some facts and terms, the keys make an impact on the golf cart. As they are a little bit critical but essential part of the cart, some factors can provide a good knowledge which is related to the cart and even to the cart keys.

The Production House

The production department or the manufacturer can be placed in consideration for using the universal keys. If the golf cart doesn't have the factory build in universal key operating system, that means no keys will be get used except the main one.

Cart Model and Production Year

Different types of golf cart models can have different types of universal keys. For example, Yamaha golf cart keys have different keys according to their model and variant. As they have gas powered and electric powered carts with different production years, key sizes have changed according to the year and production model. If you want to know Golf Cart Battery Cables.

Customized Cart

Sometimes, golf carts get changed from the interior or the outlook even the inner parts, if this happens, there is a possibility of changing the lock area along with the keyhole. For example, if the engine of the golf cart gets enhanced or replaced, the cart may require a new key.

Default Maintenance

Default maintenance of the cart can create an effect on the keys. Though this kind of problem is not usual but still, if the problems take place and affect the main keyhole along with the total lock area, there is a possibility of changing the total lockset along with the keys as they can't be repaired.

User Age of the Cart

It is obvious that, as long as something becomes old, the universal problems and issues will decrease the performance. The same thing is preferable for the golf carts. As long as they grow old, they lose all the efficiency and performance. Even the keys also may not work like previous times. As a result, either the key lock function has to replace or use in the same condition.

So these are some of the facts that can create a major impact on golf cart keys while using.

Process of Starting up the Cart Without Using keys

If there is no availability of the stock key either any universal type of key, the golf cart can be start up easily by following some processes. They are very effective and can be used on any branded golf cart.

  • First, use a screwdriver in the lock to pick it up.
  • Slide into the lock through the screwdriver until it comes up against the tumbler.
  • Now press the screwdriver into the lock with a softer effort and twist into the clockwise direction.
  • If there is a tick tick clicking sound comes from the lockset that means the cart will take the ignition in a while.

This process helps to set up the pins of the tumbler and respond to the cylinder to create rotation and switching up the ignition.

Though it’s a simple method and requires no extra issues and steps to perform, there is a chance of breaking down the total lock set if it gets pressured with a strong effort.

What if there are no Replaced or Universal Keys?

As the alternative ways of using universal keys have been described, there is now only a single term that can be followed instead of the universal keys. And that is,

Changing or Replacing the Ignition Switch

For starting up the cart except for the factory keys or even the other keys, there is only one way to follow and that is changing the ignition switch. The majority of this type of issue comes from the old modeled or golf carts. That is because; old golf carts don't have the facility of using alternative or universal keys. Therefore, there is no way left except to change the total ignition switch. But sometimes, they cost a lot as they have to change the total key lock set along with the ignition switch.

There is another effective way that can be used for starting up the golf cart if there is no key or the keys are lost. Using the starting process may require some terms and tools to use, but there is a great result in the end.

This process is called the hotwire method.

  • First of all, open up the circuit board area of the golf cart where the ignition lines and wires are also mounted.
  • Find out the electrical diagram according to the model and line it up with the circuit board.
  • Make sure the wires along with the lines get connected accurately among the performance.
  • Connect the wires either using the alligator clips at both of the ends or tapping them.
  • Press the accelerator pedal whenever the wires get connected perfectly. In terms of the electric golf cart, the motor will start up and for the gasoline golf cart, the engine will turn up.


As the hotwire process of starting up the golf cart without keys is a little bit difficult, make sure to use safety gloves and goggles before proceeding with the task.

The majority of the golf carts may contain the universal accessibility of the keys, but they have a great tendency of going for the individual brands. Most of the golf carts are available with their key sizes and serial number, so don't forget to remind the serial number of the built in keys as the number will help to recognize the proper key in terms of necessity.

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