Airport With a Golf Course

Airport With a Golf Course Between Runways

There is no limitation of being fancy and do unique works. People are nowadays don’t hesitate to spend millions on their fancy lifestyle or activity. Some of them are too much dedicated to their luxurious life that, they only keep their income sources for making their living standard better and better. They are ready anytime for spending on their loving things.

What if there is a golf course in the middle of an airport?! Yes, I'm not joking at all. There is only one airport available in the whole world, which has a golf course in the middle of its runways. So let’s know about the interesting facts about the airport.

Airport With a Golf Course Between Runways

This is the only airport in the whole world which has a golf course in it. The golf courses are beautifully created on the runways that anyone will become surprised to see it. This airport is situated at 222 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Sanam Bin sub-district, Don Mueang, Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of the oldest airports in the whole world. And in Asia continent, it is the only oldest operating airport. Royal Thai Airforce is the owner of this airport.

 It was made on 27 March 1914. It got closed in September of 2006 because of the repairing. That time it was replaced with the newly launched Suvarnabhumi Airport. It has been reopened on 24th March 2007 and still now it is operating. This is called one of the busiest airports that have a golf tournament course in it.  The name of the golf course is Katarat Golf course. The 18 holes of the game have laid inside the runway. It also has a slender strip at the inside of the airport. 

The teeing point is situated only 20 yards far from the plane of the passengers. There is no additional charge to play the game on the runway. Those who want to play just have to go through some security checks and some mandatory steps. This runway got a red flag alert back in 2015 by the International Civil Aviation Organization, because of the golf game. Because they claim that, the game may make any kind of difficulties or make harms to the passengers. But there was not any major step to take against this issue.

But after that alert, the airport authority announced to pause the game during the landing and take off. This golf course was made in 1956 after the runway has made. There are no obstacles or barriers on the gameplay except the flights.

It is the best and unique thing that the passenger can have a game before their flight take off or their landing. It is also very amazing to witness that, the player is teeing the ball and ready to hit, a plane is just crossing by him. How cool is it?

Advantage of This Golf Course

There is no specific advantage of this golf course. Because there is no extra feature or specialties in this golf course. It is also like the others. It is just situated in an airport. That's it. The only advantage that can be counted on this golf course is, it reflects a unique vibe to the players. Some of the fancy players like to do unique things or activities. This can be their best choice to accomplish. Just cross the explosive detector scanner and mark your bags checked by the airport authorities, that's it.

Any Disadvantage of This Golf Course?

The golf course has a few problems. But among them, one can be considered as a major problem. As it is between two runways, many international and domestic flights are landing and taking off every day. The golf ball can make any kind of serious injury to the passengers or the materials around it. As the passenger jet is just 20 yards away from the golf course and the tee, there are few chances to get hit by the balls. And if it happens, the airport authority has the legal right to arrest the player. Some bad game and bad golfer may have to deal with a good compensation

Golf Course With 9 Holes

As the complete golf game is made with 18 holes, there is a half golf course with 9 holes.

Hong Kong international airport, which is situated in Chek, Lap, Kok, Hong Kong. The name of the golf course is SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf course. It is the USGA-approved golf course with 9 holes in it. The golf course is located beside Terminal 2. Par 3 holes and 2 par 4 holes give the players very interesting and enjoyable gameplay. No charge or requirement is needed to play the game for the passengers. It is loaded with all the needed features. The artificial grass field will make you more active and fresh whenever you will hold the club.

 There is a proper lighting system for the night game too. Just come, place the ball in the tee, hold the club, and boom! The golf course allows the players to increase their performance in the game and provide them a quality time in the delayed take-off periods. It is also very easy to reach in the ground for the local golfers. As there is not much availability of golf courses in Hong Kong, the local and professional players like to visit the nine-eagles golf course. It may be low in cost or free for the passengers of the airport, but those who like to play from the outside have to pay a good amount of money.

Each of the airports contains golf courses. It makes them more unique and different from other airports. But the main intention of these golf courses is not to show off or creating a unique environment. They are making profits through the golf courses. It is simple that, not every passenger love to play the game. Very few of them admit to holding the club for a single or more than one game. As they are not professional, they don't have enough demand for the game. But those who are professional golfers, they are ready to pay any amount even for a single round in the airport golf course. So it is mainly for the commercial purpose which is made by the creative ones

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