2 Hybrid Vs 3 Wood, Which One Is the Best ?

2 Hybrid Vs 3 Wood, Golfers need to carry many golf clubs for the best shot. They cannot leave a gap in between the clubs for the best performance. Club 2 hybrid and 3 wood are such clubs that fill the gap in between the other type of clubs. Those are the clubs that fulfill the golfer’s golf bag for a day to improve their game.

However, both of the clubs are for filling the gap of iron, one can carry one of them. For avoiding the load or being comfortable with one of a kind, one should carry one. That’s why they must know 2 Hybrid Vs 3 Wood, Which One Is the Best?

What is 2 Hybrid and 3 Wood?

Both of them are golf clubs. Manufactured for filling the gap of iron. The 2 hybrid golf club is a type of club that can fill the 2 iron having 18 degrees of loft. On the other hand, 3 wood is used for a long shot and replacement of iron 2 or less with 14 degrees of loft. Both of the clubs are important for different shots.

2 Hybrid Vs 3 Wood, Which One Is the Best?

It is hard to decide which club is suitable for the golfer and which club they should carry on the golf course. Choice of the club always depends on the skill level of the golfer. With respect to the clubs 2 hybrid and 3 wood, the choice also will depend on the golfer skill. Also, in which phase do they find it difficult to score. Both of the clubs havetheir advantages in a different part of the game. For this one must know which club does what benefits in a different type of shot. Let’s know detailed illustrations of both of the clubs.

Off the Deck Shot

When playing an off the deck shot, the maximum distance is matters. Overall, the performance of the 3 wood in that shot is 168.48 yards on average. On the other hand, it is 165.08 yards for 2 hybrids. However, 2 hybrids outweigh 3 wood when it is about having a greens regulation shot. That can be for the ability of the club that it can generate sufficient spin to land the ball on the ground softly. So that it does not roll over from far out.

Off the Tee Shot

Off the tee shot seems to be well with the 3 wood clubs because of the distance it provides. Calculating the average distance of the two clubs for off the tee shot, the 3 wood almost always go at least 16 yards far comparedto the 2 hybrids.

Moreover, in the fairways in regulation, the 3 wood outperformed the 2 hybrids with an eye-catchy distance.

Off the Rough Shot

Unlike the other two shots, in the rough surface shot, 2 hybrids give the best performance. Because of the design of the hybrid clubhead, it outperformed wood in this type of shot. The clubhead of this club enables better interaction with the turf.  Which allows the club to glide through the rough and get the ball easily.

Because of the number of lofts the hybrid offers, this shot becomes easier with a hybrid.

Direction : Hitting the ball in the accurate direction is significant in golf. If the player cannot hit the ball in the accurate direction he or she become boggy and this is bad in the game. Some of the people lose direction in left while hitting the ball with 2 hybrids. On the other hand, they lose the direction to the right when hitting the ball with 3 wood.

Accuracy : In everything, accuracy is a vital part of success. It’s true for golf too. If the player is not accurate while having the shot that means a losing game. As for the 2 hybrid and 3 wood, 2 hybrids tend to be more accurate than the 3 wood.

It can be because of the design of the club head of the 2 hybrids and the forgiving feature of the club. As those features help the golfer hit the ball accurately even in a corner shot.

Control : In terms of control, 2 hybrid is better to compare to 3 wood. Mainly in the windy weather. The 2 hybrid clubs will help the ball land smoothly without rolling. Which is not possible with the 3 wood club.


Figure: Difference in Loft

Figure: Difference in Distance

Figure: Difference in Fairway Accuracy

Pros of 2 Hybrids

1. It will help the golfer to have their airborne shots long.

2. Hitting the ball with this club will help the ball land softly on the green.

3. It will ensure maximum contact with the ball by the glides through the turf.

4. Features a high level of GIR.

5. Perfect alternative of 2 iron.

Pros of 3 Wood

1. It will give the best performance by covering a long distance in deck and tee shots.

2. Features higher fairway in regulation.

3. One can use this club in versatile shots for long-distance and accurate direction.

4. Perfect alternative forthe driver.

Cons of 2 Hybrids

1. In some shots offer less distance and accuracy.

2. It features a lower fairway in regulation.

3. Not good for deck and tee shot.

Cons of 3 Wood

1. Difficult to play the rough shot.

2. Lower GIR percentage.

3. Less forgiving. 

Should the high handicapper carry both the 2 hybrid and3 wood clubs?

High handicappers mostly face problems with the ball strike and loft. They feel it is hard to achieve distance in an accurate direction. For this, both the 3 wood and 2 hybrids can do a better job. Those clubs will have to make perfect shots in the different situations on the course.

Which golf club do the 2 hybrids replace?

Most of the time golfers replace 2 iron with 2 hybrids. Because 2 hybrids offer more control and accurate shots than the 2 iron. Moreover, the golfer seems more comfortable with 2 hybrids because of the overall weight and the shape of the clubhead. Since it provides better forgiveness for better accuracy.

What to consider while choosing between 2 hybrid and 3 woods?

While choosing a club between 2 hybrid and 3 woods one must consider the lacking and the skill of the player. If the player is going to have a deck or tee shot then the wood will perform better. If they are going to take a rough shot then the hybrid is better. Moreover, for better control and accuracy one can choose the hybrid over wood.


The industry of golf is a huge deal. It involves several types of golf clubs for different situations in the course. One cannot always play better with a certain club in a certain situation. The different situation requires a different type of clubs. If someone is choosing between 2 hybrids and 3 woods that means they have come far.

2 Hybrid Vs 3 Wood, Both clubs are off their best and made to replace and handle two other clubs. Golfers will feel better control, they will cover the better distance with the clubs in a different situation. For clear understanding, this article illustrates 2 Hybrid Vs 3 Wood, Which One Is the Best in detail.

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